Assessing the accuracy of regional LiDAR-based biomass estimation using a simulation approach

To meet the increasing need for reliable and timely timber resources and carbon stock estimates at intermediate and local decision levels, a sampling approach using airborne laser scanning (ALS) as a strip sampling tool has been proposed as a supplement to the conventional field-based National Forest Inventory system. Continue reading

Estimating biomass in Hedmark County, Norway using national forest inventory field plots and airborne laserscanning

In a recent study published in Remote Sensing of Environment two sampling and estimation strategies for regional forest inventory were investigated in detail and results were presented for various geographical scales. Continue reading

Lidar sampling — Using an airborne profiler to estimate forest biomass in Hedmark County, Norway

In a study published in Remote Sensing of Environment an airborne profiling lidar was used to estimate total aboveground dry biomass, a surrogate for aboveground carbon stocks, for all land cover types in Hedmark County, Norway. Continue reading

Measuring biomass in Tanzanian rainforest – Fieldwork

Deforestation and forest degradation is identified as one of the most important sources of anthropogenic CO2 in the atmosphere. At the same time forests are capable of offsetting large amounts of carbon, and better forest management is one of the solutions to the worlds climate problem. Continue reading