End seminar – ForestPotential

The end seminar of ForestPotential was held at Bikuben, NMBU on the 24th of November 2022.

The seminar marked the end of the RCN-funded (KLIMAFORSK) project. The project period has been Jan 1, 2018, to Dec 31, 2022 (extendet one year). Higlights from the project were presented. In addition there were presetations on closely related topics to those covered by ForestPotential, namely fine scale albedo and soil carbon in the treeline ecotone. Anders Bryn presented treeline related research carried out the Natural history museum in Oslo. All but one national project partner were present.

09:15 Welcome

09:25 Research theme 1: Tree dynamics in the boreal-alpine ecotone

  • Ida Marielle Mienna: PhD-thesis: The role of biotic and abiotic factors on treeline ecotone dynamics: studies using field observations and remote sensing
  • Gunnar Austrheim: Resilience of shrub expansions due to grazing along a forest-tundra ecotone
  • Ole Martin Bollandsås: Biomass estimation in the treeline ecotone
  • Erik Næsset: Monitoring of the treeline ecotone
  • Lennart Noordermeer: Monitoring of the treeline ecotone

11:45 Research theme 2: Changes in forest productivity

  • Lennart Noordermeer: Site index estimation using bi-temporal data from airborne laser scanning.
  • Presentation

12:15 Lunch

13:45 Research theme 3: Effects of changing forest resources.

  • Victor Strimbu: The GAYA forest simulator
  • Asbjørn Aaheim: Economic impacts of changes in forest area

14:30 Beyond ForestPotential: What will happen if trees migrate into the alpine zone?

  • Claire Devos: Soil organic carbon in the treeline ecotone
  • Eirik Næsset Ramtvedt: Changes in the treeline ecotone: effects on albedo

15:15 Treeline research at Natural history museum

  • Anders Bryn: Treeline research at Natural history museum

15:40 Closure/Discussion

16:00 End