UAV i skogbruksplanleggingen

I denne filmen har stipendiat Stefano Puliti visuelt framstilt sitt arbeid knyttet til bruk av UAV (drone) til innsamling av data for skogtaksering. Ved hjelp av et kamera montert under dronen, tas det overlappende bilder over området som i etterkant kan brukes til å produsere tredimensjonale data ved hjelp av såkalt billedmatching.

I dette konkrete prosjektet blir de tredimensjonale dataene fra billedmatchingen brukt til å estimere skoglige variable som stående kubikkmasse, grunnflate, treantall og høyde for en skogeiendom. Stefano konkluderer med at bruk av UAV er en rask og fleksibel metode for skogtaksering som åpner for å gjennomføre spesialtilpassede prosjekter med høy nøyaktighet.

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  1. Dear Prof.

    I am researcher in Indonesia forestry Agency. Now, i am study about make a small tools for wood energy inventory for energy.

    I want to try drone. If you have suggest for i study about it, i need.

    Thanks for ur help

    • Dear Lutfy Abdulah

      thank you for you your interest. The use of drones to assess and monitor the wood energy supply is surely an interesting topic. In order to answer your question we would need to understand more clearly what type of survey you would like to carry out.

      For more information regarding technical questions and on how to perform a drone forest inventory you can read the following article:

      kind regards.

  2. Hi Stefano,
    My name is Matt, another guy from Indonesia here hehe. I am currently helping an organization that working to convert illegal loggers to become sustainable loggers. We have difficultied to perform a fast and efficient calculation of the forest inventory- manual process takes forever and very very expensive.

    Would it be possible to do detail data collection on the forest inventory using this drone technology? (certain tree: species, age, diameter) Do you know the latest update on this and maybe could refer me to someone who can help us on this.

    Feel free to email me. Thank you anyway and may you have a good day.


  3. We have tried using an ebee for forestry assessments in BC, Canada and have had difficulty with landings. Have you had success with landing the ebee in forestry cutblocks? If so, do you have any suggestions for the emotion settings to ensure success?

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