The ultimate goal of this project is to unveil a vibrant forest-based sector in Norway, with special emphasis on areas challenged with low accessibility, remote and inconsistent markets, steep and difficult terrain, and with fragmented forests and forest ownership patterns. In short, most of the Norwegian fjordlands and much of the hinterland.

The forest inventory and monitoring group at MINA are involved in several of the work packages. These are:

  • Quantify effects of steep terrain on the quality of forest inventory. Develop an ALS-based terrain classification to support access planning and operations.
  • Develop systems to collect geolocated single-tree data with harvesters for improved efficiency in inventory and better allocation of assortments to markets.
  • Develop tools for more efficient consideration of biodiversity in harvesting planning and more robust procedures for ensuring their implementation in operations.
  • Modify a Swedish DSS to Norwegian conditions. Demonstrate opportunities for increased harvest levels assuming sustainable and optimal resource allocation.

Read more about BIONÆR on the project webpages and a norwegian version at the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research.