Albedo in boreal forest

Albedo in boreal forests serves as a strong climate forcing which potentially can offset the climate impact of carbon sequestration. To assess the albedo effect from different types of forest management in the Nordic countries, fine-resolution albedo products are needed to account for the patchiness and heterogeneity typical present in this biome. There are several albedo products available today. However, most of them have a spatial resolution ranging from approximately 0.25–20 km.

The overall aim of the project “Albedo in boreal forest” is to develop an estimation approach for retrieving fine-resolution albedo to evaluate the albedo effect in managed versus unmanaged forest.

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Mapping of drought stress in spruce using remote sensing

Spruce is an economically important tree species for the forestry industry in Norway. In recent years, with frequent periods of drought, it has been observed that spruce in several areas is susceptible to drought stress, which can lead to the death of trees either as a direct consequence of the drought or indirectly following bark beetle attacks. Therefore, there is a need to develop a mapping system that can provide a quick overview of the degree of drought stress for spruce stands within a given planning area.

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