connect On November 12 we will host a one-day seminar entitled “vegetation changes in the tree line”. The seminar marks the closing of a large research project financed by The Research Council of Norway under the NORKLIMA-program.

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Single tree detection in heterogeneous boreal forests using airborne laser scanning and area-based stem number estimates greet A investigation of adaptive single tree detection methods using airborne laser scanning (ALS) data are published in International Journal of Remote Sensing (IJRS). Continue reading

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Detection of small single trees in the forest–tundra ecotone using height values from airborne laser scanning


http://ILENESPIEWAK.COM/37684-prometrium-cost.html lead Alpine and arctic tree lines are expected to advance to higher altitudes and further north due to global warming. Changes in temperature, precipitation, and snow coverage will affect numerous ecosystems and their interaction and forest ecosystems are expected to be highly affected by increasing temperatures, particularly in boreal regions. Continue reading